Dan Haimovich

Dan Haimovich is an Israeli artist and activist photographer.

Studied Photography at the Hadassah Institute in Jerusalem and started as a magazine and editorials photographer.

After many years in which life took him in other directions, Dan was drifted back to photography by the 2011 social protest. he started portraying people and events.  

Dan work explores the margins of the human society, working with silenced communities, excluded from the public eyes using his images to raising awareness.

By interacting with, and within these communities, Dan explores individual forms of reaction to the political, social, and economic limitations imposed on these communities by the state, and by society at large.

Dan is a popular lecturer focusing on activism in photography and he runs in collaborative the “PhotoActive” workshop teaching and pushing photographers channeling their social awareness, using their Images to telling and raising awareness for issues that are not in the headlines.


Recent solo exhibitions:

2017 –  “The Good Souls” at “the Lobby Art Space”, Tel Aviv

2016 – “The Rectangle mod”, Tel Aviv Municipality Gallery

2015 – “The Good Souls” at Douglass House Gallery – German school London

2014 “Transparent” the MUSA Museum, Tel Aviv

2013 –  Transparent – Dizengof center gallery, Tel Aviv

2011 –  Social Justice now – Nordau Boulevard, Tel Aviv

Recent Group exhibitions:

2017 Betselem “50 years” at Salon Jaffa for art, Jaffa

2016 International Photography Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel

2016 Local Testimony MUSA Museum, Tel Aviv

2015 Plaster Salon Jaffa for art, Jaffa

2015 Local Testimony MUSA Museum, Tel Aviv

2014 Local Testimony MUSA Museum, Tel Aviv

2013 Local Testimony MUSA Museum, Tel Aviv


2016 – Meitar Photography Award nomination

2015- Second prize Religion and Faith, Series “Local Testimony” exhibition – Sunday Funeral

2015- Second News, Series “Local Testimony” exhibition – “Ethiopian Protest

2014 – First prize “Local Testimony” exhibition, Category of “Photographed Story”– The Namir People. For this series, Dan won the Mifal Hapais for the Culture and Art award

2013 – First prize  “Local Testimony” exhibition, Category of Portraits ‘Transparent”  – ‘Contract workers’

2013 – Third prize  “Local Testimony” exhibition,  Category of Daily Life “El Arakiv”, A Beduin Village’

Dan is available for special assignments via Contact